Refactoring Law and Legal Processes for the Digital Age

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Congratulations and welcome, we are pleased to invite your participation in the first ever MIT Legal Forum on AI and Blockchain!

The format of this event will be a series of sessions flowing from fire-starter talks to breakout sessions to reports out on key themes. You can always find the most current information on MIT Legal Forum attendees and the schedule of plenary, breakout or other activities at:

Participation of any kind in the MIT Legal Forum requires that you create a profile and signup for sessions on our event site. Those of you who registered via EventBrite can enroll as online participants to receive updates with links to the general public webcast schedule and information about online participation options. Those of you who completed our standard contributor intake and consent form and received invitations from MIT may signup as In-Person Attendees or Online Attendees and are expected to contribute actively in the discussions of the Legal Forum.

Our intent with this event is to catalyze well grounded idea flow and engaged discussion on the systemic digital transformation of law and the legal industry. To further this aim, the MIT Legal Forum is structured around open and public information sharing models to enable the rapid and large scale diffusion of relevant knowledge, tools and practices. These open public information sharing models are intended to effectively catalyze and efficiently fuel a beneficial and systemic transformation of law and legal processes. Accordingly, as part of our standard contributor intake and consent process, all attendees, whether in-person or online, must agree to share under the standard Creative Commons attribution license any content contributed for review or discussion at the MIT Legal Forum. For more information on our open access approach, see:

If you have additional questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our program committee, at: If you would like to offer ideas or help with the MIT Legal Forum, we welcome your assistance! Please raise your hand to join us as a member of our volunteer team at:

On behalf of the MIT Legal Forum Program Committee, I want to thank you for joining this important and timely conversation with us.

Kind regards,

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