Do I serve my ex or his lawyer?

Can my husband serve my ex?

Under California law, any of the following people can serve divorce papers on your spouse by hand-delivering them (as long as the person you choose meets the right criteria), which is called personal service. You may use a: Friend. Relative.

Should I tell my ex I got a lawyer?

The relationship you have with your lawyer is sacrosanct. When you retain a lawyer, whether for a divorce or another issue, the lawyer is ethically charged with holding what you say to him/her as confidential. That means your attorney cannot talk about your case in public or to third parties without your consent.

Can I sue my ex for lawyer fees?

The answer is: probably not, unless extreme circumstances warrant it. There is no way to tell if a judge will require your ex to pay for your legal bills. … However, there are some situations where the judge will require one spouse to pay the attorneys’ fees of the other.

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What happens after 60 days of filing for divorce?

A court cannot grant a divorce until 60 days after the suit for divorce was filed and until 20 days after the respondent was properly served. This means a court may grant a divorce on day 61 after a divorce is filed but in reality that rarely happens. … This is called a default or no-answer divorce.

Do sheriffs serve divorce papers?

No, the sheriff does not have to serve divorce papers in every case. The sheriff is only one of the ways that you may serve your spouse with the divorce papers.

Can I hire my ex’s lawyer?

Once you have met with an attorney and established an attorney-client relationship, the opposing party cannot hire that attorney or get legal advice from that attorney. … That lawyer can refuse to give you any more advice, although he should not be giving advice or revealing information to your ex, either.

Can my ex lawyer contact me directly?

Yes. If the attorney still represents your ex husband.

Do lawyers tell you what you want to hear?

Often lawyers tell clients what clients want to hear. They do this in order to be liked and in order to get or keep business. Such attorneys lose effectiveness because the client is not getting honest advice.

Can I make my ex pay my legal fees?

Yes, the judge can order one party to pay the other party’s legal fees.

Who pays in family court?

Generally speaking each party will be liable to pay their own legal costs incurred within court proceedings relating to arrangements for children, however there are circumstances where one party can be ordered to pay the costs of the other.

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Does it make a difference who files for divorce first?

Filing for divorce before your spouse allows you more control over the situation from the beginning and could provide some strategic options. Filing for divorce first does not give you any inherent rights over your spouse. … By filing first, you will be in a better position to predict when these dates will happen.

Can you get divorced in a day?

Divorce in a Day is a type of mediation process, but it is streamlined. Everything is prepared and completed in a single day. … This process allows you to begin your divorce and finalize it all in the same day. Divorce can be a traumatizing experience.

What is the shortest amount of time for a divorce?

A couple in Kuwait reportedly got divorced after just three minutes in Kuwait last month, in what is believed to be the shortest marriage on record.