Can you use advocate and Milbemax together?

We also advise not to give multiple treatments at the same time. You should leave 2 weeks between administering spot-on treatment (e.g. Advocate) and a worming tablet (e.g. Milbemax).

What flea treatment can you use with Milbemax?

Milbemax is an appropriate wormer to use alongside Bravecto. Prinovox includes exactly the same ingredients as Advocate. It is directly compatible. Treats fleas, mites, lice, roundworms, lungworm, heartworm.

What Wormer goes with advocate?

Yes, Advocate can be used with worming tablets, for example Drontal® or Droncit®.

Can I use flea treatment and wormer at the same time?

Because fleas can carry worms, your indoor cat should be wormed as well. It’s better to be safe than sorry, and both flea and worm treatment is easy and safe, whereas elimination of parasites once they have taken hold can be more complicated.

Can you give advocate and Milpro together?

2) Use monthly Advocate and give Milbemax/Milpro or Veloxa once every 6 months to treat for tapeworm. Remember Advocate does not cover for ticks or tapeworm, so this protocol does not provide tick control. 3) Use a flea/tick control product such as Nexgard or Bravecto, together with monthly Milbemax/Milpro.

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Can you use Droncit and advocate together?

Yes you can certainly use these products together.

Can you use advocate and Frontline together?

These two medications work in different ways, and it should be fine to give Frontline now. You may also want to ask your vet what they would recommend as the best flea preventative in your area if you’re seeing fleas despite using Advocate.

Can I use advocate twice in a month?

Advocate is applied topically to the skin on the back of the neck – usually once a month or every four weeks. It should be applied to an area where your pet cannot reach to lick it off, usually between the shoulder blades.

What’s the difference between frontline and advocate?

Advocate can be used both as a preventative and cure, and is again a broad spectrum wormer and also controls fleas, ear mites sarcoptic mange and demodicosis, but to my knowledge does not touch Ticks or I think Tape worms. Frontline controls fleas and ticks but does not touch worms. So there you are.

How long does advocate take to work on worms?

After this, and with monthly use, reinfesting fleas are affected within 3-5 minutes and killed within 1 hour. The moxidectin component which is effective internally against heartworms, lungworms and worms is rapidly absorbed (<24 hours).

Is there a combined flea and worm treatment for dogs?

Advocate Spot-on for Small Dogs is a broad spectrum combined flea and worm treatment. It is effective against fleas, flea larvae, lungworm, roundworm, hookworm, whipworm and heartworm.

How long should you leave between worming and flea treatment?

Whilst our motto is “When it arrives in the post, it’s time to dose” we recommend a 48-hour gap between the application of topical flea and worm treatment. It does not matter which order the products are applied. The 48 hours simply allows each product to dry sufficiently.

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Is advocate the same as Advantage Multi?

Advantage Multi is known as Advocate in Australia and the UK. Pet Shed sells the Australian or UK packaged version of Advantage Multi (Advocate). Advocate offers protection against multiple parasites in one easy to administer topical monthly dose – no need to battle with tablets!

What does Milbemax treat?

Milbemax provides protection against all the ‘Big 3’ worms in the UK, tapeworm, roundworm and lungworm, as well as eyeworm and heartworm that your client’s pets could pick up while travelling.

Can I give profender and advocate together?

I agree with what MOS has said. Advocate also protects against earmites and heartworm which Advantage and Profender don’t claim to do. My friend uses advocate at her sanctuary and swears by it, but she also uses Profender for tapeworms. You can get advocate and profender online but only with a vets prescription.

Does Milbemax cover ticks?

treats: Fleas and Ticks use from: 8 weeks of age and over 2Kg, can be used in pregnancy use with: Milbemax chewable worming tablet monthly for lungworm prevention ideal for: Dogs that swim or are shampooed on a regular basis. Treats ticks.