How do I cancel my whiskey advocate subscription?

Once logged in to your account, please click on “My Subscriptions” on the left hand side. Find the subscription you would like to cancel or suspend, and click on the “Actions” dropdown. Click “Suspend Delivery” to suspend temporarily, or “Cancel” to cancel your subscription.

How much is a subscription to Whiskey Advocate?

Automatic Renewal Notice:

After your initial term, your subscription to Whisky Advocate will automatically renew every 4 issues at the current renewal rate $22.00.

Is Whiskey advocate a good magazine?

5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent Magazine. Great magazine for whiskey lovers for amateurs and experts alike. Whether you prefer Scotch, Bourbon, Irish, Japanese, or any other world whiskey, this magazine tries to cover the gauntlet.

How often does Whiskey Advocate come out?

Whisky Advocate’s print magazine comes out four times a year and includes the latest whisky reviews, along with in-depth articles about whisky travel, cocktails, education, and more.

WHO publishes Whiskey Advocate?

This is the website of Whisky Advocate, published by M. Shanken Communications. Our postal address is: 825 Eighth Avenue New York, NY 10019. We can be reached via e-mail at or by telephone at 212-684-4224.

What is the best bourbon magazine?

Top 5 Whisky Magazines & Publications

  • Whisky Advocate Magazine.
  • Malt Magazine | A Scotch & World Whisky Magazine With Fierce Independence.
  • Irish Whiskey Magazine.
  • WhiskyFlavour.
  • American Whiskey Magazine.
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Is there a magazine about bourbon?

Whisky Advocate: America’s Leading Whisky Magazine.

What is the plural of whiskey?

For ‘whiskey’, the plural is ‘whiskeys’. For ‘whisky’, it’s ‘whiskies’.

What is whiskey advocate?

Whisky Advocate is one of the world’s leading whiskey magazines, offering information, education and reviews for whiskey lovers. … Whisky Advocate sponsors WhiskyFest, the largest whisky tasting event in the US.

How do you spell whiskey?

It is generally spelled “whiskey”—with an e—in the United States and Ireland. It is spelled “whisky”—without the e—in Scotland and Canada, which are both well known for their whisk(e)y, and in several other countries.

How is Bourbon rated?

Each whiskey is scored in 5 categories: Complexity, Nose, Palate, Finish, and value. … The final overall rating is based on a 0 – 10 scale, which can be seen in more detail at the bottom of this page.

How old is Marvin Shanken?

To be labeled bottled in bond, a whiskey must be the product of a single distiller in a single season—spring (January to June) or fall (July to December)—aged for a minimum of 4 years in a federally bonded warehouse, and bottled at 50% ABV.