How many billable hours should a paralegal have?

Depending on the firm, a paralegal may be expected to generate between 800 and 2,000 billable hours per year. For paralegals close to the 1,800/2,000 billable hours per year threshold, and allowing for vacation time and holidays, this equates to at least 37 billable hours per work week.

How many hours should paralegals bill?

Many law firms have minimum billable hour requirements, somewhere between 1,800 and 2,200 hours per year for first-year associates, according to the National Law Review.

How many billable hours is normal?

According to the National Association for Law Placement, the average number of billable hours required from a first-year associate is 1,892 hours for the latest year listed, which is 2016. But the average number of billable hours required for first-year associates at firms with more than 700 attorneys is 1,930 hours.

How do paralegals increase billable hours?

Here are five things you can do to make sure you’re maximizing your billable hours:

  1. An Hour’s an Hour, No Matter How Small. …
  2. Write Everything Down as You Do It. …
  3. Stop Goofing Off. …
  4. Be Smart About Describing Your Hours. …
  5. Use Your Staff.
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Is 1700 billable hours a lot?

A. For many years the national norm for all firms has been around 1750 billable hours – much higher for litigation firms – often in the 1800-2000+ range. In my experience I find 1650-1700 a good target for most firms.

Why do lawyers bill in 6 minute increments?

Why do lawyers bill in six-minute increments? Billing six minutes at a time is standard practice for practical reasons: Manually billing by the minute or in smaller increments is difficult and time-consuming to track and calculate by hand.

How do you calculate billable hours?

Calculating billable hours is straightforward: you take how much you’ve worked and multiply it by your hourly rate.

What percentage of hours should be billable?

For most service companies, 30 percent is considered a good efficiency rate, while 50 percent would deliver extremely efficient employee costing. That means out of eight hours, if a technician does approximately 2.4 hours of billable work per day, the billable hour percentage averages 30 percent.

How do lawyers count billable hours?

The common way to break down the hourly rate for billing is to use tenths of an hour (each 1/10 is a 6 minute interval), or quarters of an hour (each ¼ is a 15 minute interval). For example, a 5 minute phone call would either be billed at 1/10 (. 10) of an hour, or at ¼ (.

How can I improve my billable hours?

Tips to Maximize Your Law Firm’s Billable Hours

  1. Minimum time increments. …
  2. Record tasks as you complete them. …
  3. Create a firm-wide time tracking policy. …
  4. Increase your productivity. …
  5. Complete billing descriptions. …
  6. Delegate strategically. …
  7. Track all time… …
  8. Get to maximizing.
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How many hours per week is 1700 billable hours?

I think a safe bet is to multiply your billable hour requirement by 1.5 and that provides a rough minimum amount of hours you will work (combines both downtime and efficiency). So 1700 x 1.5 = 2550 hour per year = 51 hours/week.

Is 1300 billable hours a lot?

Today, a billable hour target of 1,300 billable hours a year would amount to a civilized part-time schedule—the equivalent of a three-day, part-time workweek in most large firms. Billing 2,000 hours a year may not seem onerous.

What does 1800 billable hours look like?

To achieve 1,800 billable hours, an associate would work her “regular” hours plus an extra 20 minutes Monday through Friday, or work one Saturday each month from 10:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. The first option would give an attorney 1,832 billable hours, with a total of 2,430 hours spent “at work” (AKA: including …