You asked: Can I email my ex’s lawyer?

Can I contact my ex’s lawyer?

Your spouse’s attorney is not permitted to speak with you directly if you are represented by counsel – nor may your attorney speak with your spouse if he or she is likewise represented – as it may be considered a breach of our ethical and professional rules.

Can I hire my ex’s lawyer?

Once you have met with an attorney and established an attorney-client relationship, the opposing party cannot hire that attorney or get legal advice from that attorney. … That lawyer can refuse to give you any more advice, although he should not be giving advice or revealing information to your ex, either.

Does my lawyer have to respond to ex?

You must respond to the papers you received if you want the court to know what your position is about the lawyer’s fees and to provide your financial information. If you do not respond, the court may make orders without taking into account your financial situation or circumstances.

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How do you respond to a threat of legal action?

Responding to Correspondence Threatening Legal Action

  1. Look carefully at the letter’s contents. …
  2. Check to see who sent the letter. …
  3. Review the substance of the letter or email. …
  4. Review the situation and the facts. …
  5. Determine how best to proceed.

Do I need a divorce lawyer if we agree on everything?

You should have a lawyer – even if you agree on everything. You want to make sure that your divorce is done properly and completely so you don’t have any surprises or unexpected issues come up at a later date if something was forgotten or left undone.

Can 2 people use the same lawyer?

Short answer is Yes. However, it is almost always inadvisable to do so. Two people can waive any and all conflicts and, thus, retain one lawyer to represent them. They also have the right to negotiate any fee they want.

Can a lawyer represent both sides?

As per the laws of the Law Society, an attorney cannot represent both parties simultaneously to avoid any possibility of conflict of interest. This is because both the parties will pressured for better rates and higher profits. However, the parties are allowed to hire different lawyers from the same law firm.

How long does it take for a lawyer to respond to an email?

A: The lawyer should be responsive to your questions within 24-48 hours after you left a message. If the lawyer is not responsive, perhaps he or she is on vacation and unable to return.

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Can I make my ex pay for my attorney?

While it is possible for your ex to pay your attorney fees, it is unlikely. All courts follow the “American Rule” regarding legal fees, which requires that each party pay for their own representation. It is in limited circumstances that judges will order one party to pay the other’s attorney fees.

What do you do when opposing counsel won’t respond?

In a nutshell, if opposing counsel isn’t responding:

  1. Document your repeated efforts at contact, including your statement of the consequence of continued nonresponse.
  2. Wait a reasonable amount of time.
  3. To be safe, get a court order authorizing direct contact.

Do you have to respond to a lawyer email?

It’s always best to have an attorney respond, on your behalf, to a “lawyer letter,” or a phone call from a lawyer. If that’s not an option for you, though, make sure that you send a typed, written response to the attorney (by e-mail or mail), and keep a copy for yourself.

Can an attorney ignore a letter?

It is never advisable to ignore a letter from a solicitor as ignoring correspondence can result in unnecessary proceedings being issued or an Order being made by the Court. … Even if Court proceedings are issued, parties are still able to reach an agreement.

How do you respond to an attorney email?

How To Respond To A Legal Letter Like A Lawyer?

  1. Step one: Take your time for a legal letter….. but not too much. …
  2. Step two: Don’t’ give away too much and respond with questions of your own. …
  3. Step Three: Try to keep emotion out of it. …
  4. Step four: Always have your response tested by someone else first.
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