Your question: What is the singular possessive of attorney at law?

The noun “attorney” takes the standard possessive forms. If a book belongs to an attorney (singular), then you would say “the attorney’s book”. If some books belong to a group of attorneys (plural), then you would say “the attorneys’ books”.

What is the plural possessive of attorney at law?

The plural form of attorney at law is attorneys at law.

What is the singular of attorneys at law?

plural attorneys-at-law

Wilson, Attorney-at-Law.

What is the singular possessive of Attorney General?

Why is it “Attorneys General” (plural) but not “Attorney’s General” (singular possessive)? With “Attorney General,” general modifies the noun attorney. Thus, when there is more than one Attorney General, you would write “Attorneys General.” This makes sense.

Is attorney singular or plural?

The plural of “attorney” is “attorneys.” You may have in mind the rule that English nouns ending in “-y” change the “y” to “i” before adding “es” to make the plural form, but this rule applies only when the sound/letter preceding the final “-y” is a consonant, e.g., “city/cities” and “dummy/dummies.” The “e” in ” …

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What is the plural of district attorney?

The plural form of district attorney is district attorneys.

What is the correct plural of record holder?

The plural form of record holder is record holders.

Is at in Attorney at Law capitalized?

A lawyer is a person admitted to practice in a court system. Someone who holds this distinction is usually called an attorney at law. You should not abbreviate these two terms. You should also not capitalize these terms unless it is an officeholder’s title.

Are lawyer and attorney the same?

Lawyers are people who have gone to law school and often may have taken and passed the bar exam. … The term attorney is an abbreviated form of the formal title ‘attorney at law’. An attorney is someone who is not only trained and educated in law, but also practices it in court.

Why do we say Attorney at Law?

The term ‘attorney at law’ has its origins in the British legal system. There was distinction between a private attorney who was hired for pay in business or legal affairs; and an attorney at law or public attorney who was a qualified legal agent in the courts of Common Law.

What’s the plural of attorney general?

“General” here, though, is an adjective, not a noun; you can think of them as “general attorneys.” So the plural goes on the noun, and the proper form is “attorneys general.” Unless you’re British. Then you can call them “attorney-generals,” but don’t forget the hyphen.

What is plural for forgery?

noun. forg·​ery | ˈfȯrj-rē , ˈfȯr-jə- plural forgeries.

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What is safe in plural?

3 safe /ˈseɪf/ noun. plural safes.

Why is the plural of attorney attorneys?

Attornies or Attorneys: Which is correct? The correct plural spelling of “attorney” is “attorneys.” Because of the vowel before the final letter, this word doesn’t follow the rule of “-y” words turning to “-ies” when pluralized.

What is the multiple of attorney?

Multiple attorneys

“Jointly” means that both attorneys have to agree with the decision they make. “Jointly and severally” means that either attorney can make a decision by themselves. There are no set rules to say what is the best choice, it depends on your circumstances.

Can you spell attorney?

noun, plural at·tor·neys. a lawyer; attorney-at-law. an attorney-in-fact; agent.