Refactoring Law and Legal Processes for the Digital Age

The MIT Legal Forum on AI & Blockchain

October 30 & 31, 2017 at the MIT Media Lab:

The MIT Legal Forum generates and fosters ideas, technology and solutions to refactor law for the digital age. The MIT Legal Forum supports MIT research and graduate education as well as conducting events in collaboration with external communities.

The inaugural MIT Legal Forum on AI & Blockchain conference will focus on identity and contracts and will be held at the MIT Media Lab on October 30 & 31, 2017. Our intent with this event is to catalyze well grounded idea flow and engaged discussion on the systemic digital transformation of law and the legal industry. The format of the event will be a series of sessions flowing from level setting overviews to fire-starter talks to breakout sessions to reports back and synthesizing discussion on key themes.

The mission of this conference is to provide a forum for legal practitioners, technologists, scholars and business professionals to (A) discuss the current and likely future impact of AI and blockchain technologies on the law, and (B) develop an initial framework for the evaluation, prioritization and practical application of AI and blockchain technologies to the law.

This standard welcome message to participants provides more background on the structure and flow for the MIT Legal Forum conference event on October 30-31, 2107.

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To participate in the MIT Legal Forum on AI and Blockchain, you must create a profile and signup for sessions on our event site. You can signup on our event site in two ways. One way to signup is by registering as an online participant for the general public webcast through When you sign up through EventBrite you will receive announcements and updates about Legal Forum live content streams from the MIT Media Lab and relevant hashtags for general online participation. The other way to signup is to request an invitation through the standard intake and consent form to actively engage and contribute to the discussion as an online attendee or an in-person attendee.

We regret that more invitations are requested than can be extended due to space and resource limitations.

Confirmed Speakers

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Current Agenda

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Papers and Articles

If you would like to share a paper, article or other relevant materials under Creative Commons Attribution license for review and discussion through the MIT Legal Forum, use one of the following methods:

Pre-Conference Activities

2017-10-05 Drummond Reed and Dazza Greenwood: Meet the Keynote Speaker on Digital Identity in the Context of Law

2017-10-06: Many Sporny and Dazza Greenwood: “What’s Happening in Standards-land around Blockchain, Identity, and Payments”

A live discussion with Manu Sporny, hosted by Dazza Greenwood at the MIT Media Lab. This will be livecast. In-person attendance is limited to members of the MIT community or by invitation only. This discussion will be essential background for those seeking to engage in the topic of potential future standards for use of blockchain in the legal industry. Givne this will be a theme of the MIT Legal Forum on October 30-31, 2017, catching this informative and timely discussion is recommended!

For those that want some background reading material and/or videos:

Guest: Manu Sporny (skype: msporny, twitter: manusporny, G+: +Manu Sporny)

Host: Dazza Greenwood,

2017-10-20: Shawnna Hoffman and Dazza Greenwood, Forum Preview on Future of AI and IBM Watson for Law

Note: Due to scheduling conflict at MIT this hangout has been rescheduled from October 6, 2017.

Issues and insights developed in ongoing discussion groups of the MIT Legal Forum will form another input of questions, challenges and ideas to be discussed at the October 30-31, 2017 event, including:

This MIT Legal Forum small group discussion series focuses on “AI, Computational and Autonomous Systems” in the context of law and legal processes.

This MIT Legal Forum small group discussion focuses on Blockchain, Distributed Ledgers and Authoritative Systems in the context of law and legal processes.

Open Access to Key Knowledge, Tools and Practices

The MIT Legal Forum is structured around open and public information sharing models to enable the rapid and large scale diffusion of relevant knowledge, tools and practices. These open public information sharing models are intended to effectively catalyze and efficiently fuel a beneficial and systemic transformation of law and legal processes.

Specifically, the form-based workflow for requesting an invitation to participate has been engineered to ensure Creative Commons license terms apply by default to all content shared at any MIT Legal Forum event or activity. Likewise, any software, scripts, computer code or other data shared as part of an MIT Legal Forum event or activity must be submitted to a GitHub code repository situated under the MIT Media Lab’s GitHub organization to ensure open source license terms apply by default.

These information sharing models are intended to ensure any person or team applying technology to innovate the law and legal processes has instant and continuing access to all the insightful ideas, timely questions, important issues and creative solutions and other relevant information shared through the MIT Legal Forum.

More information on these and other methods for maintaining adherence to open public information sharing while successfully engaging a range of effective participants on law and technology can be found at:

Chatham House Rules

To address important ethical, reputational and other concerns that inhibit openness of discussion and the free flow of ideas, some parts of the MIT Legal Forum plenary meetings, small group discussions and other activities will operate under Chatham House Rules. Under Chathan House Rules, participants are free to use the information received, but neither the identity nor the affiliation of the speaker(s), nor that of any other participant, may be revealed. For example, under these rules, one may disclose “I Just Heard the ICO Bubble is Predicted to Bust Before Q2 2019” but not “According to @DazzaGreenwood, the ICO Bubble Will Bust before Q2 2019”.

Broadcast and General Public Discussion

Keynotes, panels and other major activities of the MIT Legal Forum will be streamed live on the Internet. Register through EventBrite to receive email invitations with links to live streams and Twitter hashtags for plenary sessions and panel discussions of the MIT Legal Forum. Our EventBrite site is:

EventBrite registration does ensure general updates and announcements but does not provide an invitation to join disussions and make contributions as a full attendee either online or in-person. To request an invitation as a full attendee, use this form.

Volunteer Opportunities

A small reserve of invitations for in-person attendance are available on a priority basis for current MIT students, faculty and staff and for Volunteer Contributors. To be accepted as a volunteer it is helpful to bring some knowledge and skill related to law, AI and/or blockchain. An MIT affiliation is helpful but not required to be accepted as a volunteer. Volunteer opportunities are available for the in-person and the online activities. To request the opportunity to volunteer with the MIT Legal Forum team, use the form at:

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Questions and Information

For more information and to pose questions about the October 30-31, 2017 MIT Legal Forum, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at:

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